Who we are

As part of the project of the Cabinet Office of Japan, this website intends to disclose necessary information to support oversea production team. The key for success in international shooting project is, to find the right partner, who can gather and curate information such as Budget Support, Location Selection, Hotels, Extras, Local Production Companies, Equipment and so on.

In Japan there are numbers of beautiful / diverse locations from modern buildings to four seasons natures or from historic cityscape and cultural landscape. In addition, Japan has the highest safety standards compared with other countries, so you do not need to worry about the safety of expensive equipment nor reliability of promises with people who you work with for the first time.

In terms of the Japanese movie history it has been very long since 1896, and it is not hard to find a professional staff with skill for artistic production. Moreover, here live the most famous camera manufacturers in the world, so the equipment is fully prepared and replaceable if needed. Also, although it is not widely known, the cost of food and hotels can be very reasonable and high quality in the most of the cities in Japan. (And there is NO TIP culture.)

In case there is misunderstanding led by the cultural differences while the shooting, however, such troubles can be solved if you hire an excellent local producer. Right now we are currently disclosing information mainly in the Tohoku (North Eastern ) area of ​​Japan, but we will expand the our range of information soon in the future. Excellent overseas shooting teams are always welcome in us so please contact us any time at your convenience.