Shiroishi Castle

It was a castle where Katakura Kojuro, called the competent counselor of Date Masamune, resided and where Katakura family continued to reside for over 260 years till the Meiji Restoration. Under the Law of One Castle per Province in the Edo period, Date Domain was exceptionally allowed to possess Sendai-jo Castle and Shiroishi-jo Castle. Thus the Shiroishi-jo Castle played an important role in the history. Its three-story keep, restored in 1995 as a wooden building so as to precisely follow the historical evidences, is one of the largest castle buildings in both height and area in Japan as a wooden keep restored in the postwar period. Then a part of the main enclosure was restored as the three-story turret (keep) and the Ote-mon Gate. From the three-story keep, you can get a full view of the town and the Zao Mountain Range. There are about 300 cherry trees on the premises and the Castle is notable as a cherry blossom viewing spot in spring.

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