Permits & Procedures

Shooting in Japan

If you already know where you wish to shoot, we recommend you to talk to film commission and local production company.
If you are going to look for more locations, we recommend you to talk to local producer or any production company.
Either way your project is, we recommend you to hire local producer and/or local production and ask help to communicate with Local film commissions.

FILM COMMISSION・・・Non  profit organization usually  run by local city or touristic association that supports your project in many ways including  location introduction and call for extras. However, film commission will not be responsible on your project or any result of negotiation. It usually  can work for limited area because each area has different film commissions.

LOCAL PRODUCER・・・Local  producer will support you in communication with film Commissions and local production. They can also support to apply for financial aid from the government, cast JP actors, get equipment etc.

LOCAL PRODUCTION  COMPANY・・・Local production company can support your project by their technical staff and scheduling, because they are familiar with the local road and information.

Application form for government of japan Application form for Public Road

Application form for government of japan Feel free to contact us if you need help



1. Owner of facility
You must get the permission of the owner of facility, where your drone is passing above.

2. Government
You do not need permission if your drone shooting satisfy all of the terms below

a. Not after dark
b. Drone flight altitude is lower than 150m from ground
c. Avoid densely populated area
d. No closer than 10km from airport

If your drone shooting doesn’t meet with any of condition, you need permission for shooting from government of Japan. It usually takes more than 7 working days, so we recommend you to submit application at least 1month prior to shooting.

Density of population Search Density of population

Application form for government of japan Application form for Government of Japan