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Source of reference : Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan


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Export/Import Procedure Using ATA Carnet (Foreign Carnet)

The ATA Carnet is an international, unified Customs document under an international system based on “Customs Conventions in the ATA Carnet for the Temporary Admission of Goods” and concluded among major countries.

In cases where articles for use at exhibitions, expositions, etc. or entertainment properties for traveling shows are temporarily brought from foreign countries and taken out of the foreign countries after completion of the program, if you obtain an ATA Carnet in the foreign country before bringing the articles into Japan, the Carnet can facilitate and quicken export/import clearance procedures for duty-free admission of goods.

In cases where an exhibitor, a promoter, etc. brings in/or takes out as his/her belongings under the ATA Carnet, the belongings shall be handled as traveling goods. However, if there are some goods whose export/import are restricted among them, he/she must obtain a permit and approval beforehand.

In using the ATA Carnet, pay attention to the following:

The nation into which you bring articles must be a member of the ATA Conventions.

The term of validity (one year) is the term recorded in the ATA Carnet.

The major goods covered by the ATA Carnet are commercial samples, professional equipment, and display articles, and prescribed by laws and regulations.

The holder has an obligation to take out the goods which are brought into a foreign country.

Articles requiring a permit or approval in compliance with provisions in laws and regulations must have the permit or approval attached to clear Customs.

(Article 3 of ATA Convention Exceptional Measures Law, and General Notifications Concerning ATA Convention Exceptional Measures Law)


Source of reference : Japan Customs